Eseutil /p Fails with Jet_errKeyDuplicate error

Published: 14th June 2010
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Eseutil /p is a Microsoft Exchange Server repair mode command that fixes corruption of database at ESE table level and page level. Running eseutil /p command may in some cases result in discarded rows and tables. Hence, it is highly recommended to backup your database before running this command. Moreover, running eseutil /p may not always repair your corrupted database. Sometimes, it might fail with an unexpected error, while leaving your database in corrupt state. These are the situations when you need an exchange server recovery solutions that might repair your database using more efficient procedures.

As one of the suitable examples, consider an instance when as an Exchange Server administrator, you find your database in a corrupted state and cannot be mounted. So, you decide to repair it by running Eseutil /p repair command. But contrary to your beliefs, Eseutil /p repair command doesn't run and fails giving the below mentioned error message:

"Jet_errKeyDuplicate error."

Consequently, you cannot access your database.


The above error message refers to some duplicated items, which in this specific case can be database nodes. One or more database pages have nodes, which are duplicated and not in proper order. It usually occurs because of a bad RAID array that keeps on writing corrupt data for a time. Since, the process results in the key duplication and shuffling of nodes, Eseutil finds it unable to detect them and tries to insert the affected page(s) in database while repairing it.

The problem was first encountered in Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 and has been fixed in its latest service pack available.

How to Solve?

User encountering this problem should install the latest service pack available for Exchange Server version 5.5 and try to repair the database again.

If you still cannot solve the corruption issue, as the last resort, restore from your previous backup or run a third-party exchange recovery utility. Exchange Server Recovery software are exclusive utilities that are designed to scan a corrupted Exchange database and restore the database content at a safe location. In addition, the software are easy-to-use with an interactive design.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a reliable utility that incorporates high-end scanning algorithms to repair and restore corrupted Exchange Server database. This exchange recovery tool can restore included mailboxes in *.pst files, which can be selected by the user itself. Also, the software can recover deleted mailboxes.

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