Tips to Solve MSysCompactError Table Error in MS Access

Published: 24th March 2010
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For each MS Access database, opened for use in file sharing environment, MS Access creates .ldb file that stores names of security and computer using the file. As the last user of the shared database closes it, the .ldb file is automatically deleted. But if the Access database is moved from its original location with an .ldb opened, chances are that the database may get corrupt. Similar kind of corruption can also result if user moves the database when it is being accessed by MS Access. Consequently, the database can become completely inaccessible. To deal with such data loss problems, a backup can prove to be the most efficient remedy. But in other cases, a user requires an access database recoveryutility that can repair and restore the corrupted Access database.

Consider an MS Access user with a database containing important information. The user moves this database to a USB and then moves it to another computer. But when he/she tries to access the database, one or both of the below symptoms are observed:

All the tables of database are unreadable and cannot be accessed
A table named 'MsysCompactError' generates automatically


Existence of 'MsysCompactError' table in Access database is one of the indications of Access database corruption. In this specific case, this might have resulted due to following possible reasons:
You moved the MDB database file from original computer to USB or from USB to second computer when an instance of file was opened or lock file (.ldb) was still in use.
MS Access Compact utility was running when you closed the database and thus all the table didn't close properly.


The possible solutions to recover database and perform access recovery in corruption instances, such as above, are given below:
Try to open the file from USB device
Try to move all the database objects, one at a time, to a new Access database
Run Jet Compact Utility to repair corrupted Access database
Use a third-party access database recovery tool to repair and restore the corrupted database

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is a comprehensive Access database repair program that scans the corrupted MDB database file and restores it in original format and view. Supporting MS Access 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000, this Access Recovery utility recovers all database objects, including forms, macros, modules, reports, tables, and the likes.

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